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Kanopy Films

Greensboro Free Library has contracted with Kanopy to offer streaming of “thoughtful entertainment” for our library patrons. Kanopy offers almost 30,000 alternative, independent, critically acclaimed, and educational films, 60% of which are exclusive to their streaming service. This includes Kanopy Kids, a selection of educational films selected for 2-6-year olds, and over 6,000 films in the Great Courses series.

We believe this service aligns with our mission to promote lifelong learning and serve as Greensboro’s “living room,” especially as we face the prospect of a winter of staying home to stay safe. At the same time, we acknowledge that not everyone has sufficient internet access to stream movies; we do wish to continue improving our library’s DVD collection and welcome your suggestions for DVD purchases.

Kanopy is a service that is free to patrons; the library pays $2 per film viewed or $5 per 30 days of access to Kanopy Kids or a Great Courses film series. If you like Kanopy and are able to do so, please donate to our Kanopy Fund so we can continue the service.

Here is a link to our website for Kanopy. Login to see what’s available.

Your library barcode is: 2VSOO00000_____________________.

Scroll through “carousels” of movies listed by topic, or click on the
Browse heading for an extensive subject listing. Once you begin
watching a film, you have 72 hours to watch it. You will have 5
credits each month, for 5 films. Kanopy selects 10 movies each month
for free access (to you and to us); these are listed under the heading
“Credit-Free Viewing.”

Parents are encouraged to check out Kanopy Kids, which has its own heading. This site includes many short films that are adaptations of picture books, as well as TV episodes like Sesame Street and language-learning videos. Films in Kanopy Kids or from the Great Courses series do not count towards the 5-credit limit. Instead, once you begin watching a selection, you will have 30-days of unlimited viewing (note that the library will be charged for each different Great Courses series viewed, so we encourage patrons to select one Course at a time). Parents can set a PIN to prevent a child from inadvertently clicking out of Kanopy Kids and in to the full film collection.

We hope you enjoy Kanopy.