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September 2023

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  • Rural Arts Staff Meeting
  • Greensboro Planning Commission Meeting
  • Selectboard Meeting
  • Preschool Storytime
  • Preschool Storytime
  • Library Trustees Meeting
  • Rural Arts Staff Meeting
  • Author Talk: Celia Ryker
  • Preschool Storytime
  • Orleans/Essex Directors In-person Meeting
  • Preschool Storytime
  • GFL Book Club Discussion
  • GCGG Mushroom Growing Workshop


This is an invitation for you to come see the latest exhibit at the Greensboro Free Library. It is views of Caspian Lake done by local residents in a variety of media. They are done in acrylic on canvas board and wood, colored pencil, a paper collage, oil on canvas, pastels, photographs, a photo montage, prints, stained glass mosaic, watercolor, and woodblock print.

Elaine Cole-Kerr

Elaine’s works include portraits of animals and friends and depict landscapes and sights familiar to residents of the NEK. A self-taught, inspiring artist, she enjoys working in a number of mediums including pencil, watercolor, oils and acrylics. Familiar scenes presented by the artist move from the common-place to the extraordinary.

Here are some of her pictures on display at the Library:

Exhibits have been done by local craftsmen. Several are available for either a donation to the library or for a fee.

Many thanks to the owners who have given them to the library for showing in the gallery so you can enjoy the views of Caspian.

Programs & Events
Programming for Children

Greensboro Free Library StorytimeAges 0-6

Enjoy stories, songs, crafts and people!  All are welcome to this free event.
10:00 AM
Homeschool Group – Ages 6+

Join our multi age homeschool group and engage in stories, games, conversation and crafts.
Network with other homeschool families and check out books and resources to support your homeschool journey. Feel
free to contact youth librarian Emily Purdy at [email protected] to find out what exact programming looks like. 
10:00 AM
Storytime for Kids – Ages 6+Tues
Other happenings

Reading to Daisy (the dog) – Date & Time to be determined
Storywalks on the Willey’s Beach Trail (including one in partnership with GHS)- Date & Time to be determined
2023 Bingo Card for the Good Citizen Challenge
2023 Read & Win ribbons available (K-8 read 3 books to get a ticket & ice cream for the Champlain Valley Fair

As always, come in and explore our Makerspace any time the library is open. There are arts
and crafts supplies and ideas, dress up, blocks, legos, snapcircuits, turing tumble, and more!
Red Clover Chronicle!

Youth are invited to write for the year round Red Clover Chronicle! A youth newspaper hosted
by the Greensboro Free Library. Draw pictures, write articles, jokes, calendar items, book
reviews, nature observations, etc. Please submit (nothing larger than 8 1/2″ X 7″ or a half page of
legal sized paper) to the library by the first of any given month. There is an envelope
hanging on a clipboard in the makerspace to gather submissions. Contact Daniela Dimarco at 
[email protected] or Megan Hall at [email protected] with questions.

Programming for Adults

Book Discussion – “Ruthless River” by Holly Fitzgerald

She is also doing an author talk on August 10th.

Copies available for loan at the start of each month.

Find the Zoom link our website calendar at or meet at the library.
ZOOM or at the Library
Thur Aug 31st
5:00 PM
“Augusta” by Celia Ryker

Celia will read from her historical novel Augusta,  based on her mother’s courageous life.
Sept 19th
5:00 PM
Book Discussion – “Demon Copperhead” by Barbara Kingsolver

This book is a 2023 Pulitzer Prize Winner! “A deeply evocative story…Kingsolver’s account of the opioid epidemic and its impact on the social fabric of Appalachia is drawn to heartbreaking effect. This is a powerful story, both brilliant in its many social messages regarding foster care, child hunger, and rural struggles, and breathless in its delivery.” — Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

Copies available for loan at the start of each month.
Find the Zoom link our website calendar at or meet at the library.
ZOOM or at the Library
Thur Sept 31st
5:00 PM
Lending Library – Long Term Laptops

Several laptops are available to be loaned out for a period of 3 months with renewals often accepted. Ask at the front desk or email [email protected] for more information.

Consider it for your homeschooler or business.
Free Vegetables!

Vegetables are available for everyone on Thursdays and while supplies last with thanks to local farmers, volunteers, and Salvation Farms. Stay healthy and fed!

Upstairs Book Sale

The Book Sale is open (upstairs in the library) whenever the library is open.