Chili Dinner Fundraiser

Our annual Chili Dinner fundraiser is still on, scheduled for Friday, March 5. It will look a little different this year. We will be doing a chili-dinner-to-go, with an online show of local youth talent you can enjoy at home.

First, YES, we do need your donations of chili, cornbread, and dessert, and encourage you to call, e-mail or come in to sign up as a food donor. We need to keep things simple to streamline the process this year. Please keep these guidelines in mind:

–Drop-off time for food donations: 3:00-4:00p.m., Friday, March 5.

–Sign up to bring chili, cornbread, or cookies.

–Please bring cold or room-temperature food; we will repack it into take-out containers for folks to reheat at home.

–Chili: Please bring only beef or vegetarian chili. Your pan/pot/crockpot/Tupperware dish will be washed and left on a table at the church for you to pick up Saturday, so please be sure to label the variety of chili and put your name on your container.

–Cornbread: Please label your pan, and pre-cut into even-sized pieces if possible.

–Dessert: We are asking only for chocolate chip cookies this year in order to avoid choices, and please do not use nuts or peanut butter.

–Pick-up Time: Dinner Pick-up will be 4:30-6:00 p.m, Friday, March 5, and our online show will premiere at 7:00 on Youtube so you can watch and comment with friends. We will ask for $8 donations per adult, $4 for children.