Full List of New Arrivals



“The Book of Doors” by Gareth Brown — “A whirlwind journey that opens doors into other worlds but also into the heart of the human experience.” — Kirkus Reviews

“The Book of Fire” by Christy Lefteri — “After a wildfire consumes their home in present-day Greece, Irini makes a split-second decision that will haunt her forever, while her husband Tasso, unable to paint due to the burns on his hands, finds hope for the future in his young daughter.” — Atlas Publishing

“The Great Divide: A Novel” by Christina Henriquez — “Henríquez’s ambitious historical novel revolves around the construction of the Panama Canal…[A] sweeping saga involving the laborers, fishmongers, activists, journalists and neighbors whose lives intersect during this significant time in history.” — Washington Post

“You Dreamed of Empires” by Alvaro Enrique — “[S]ublime absurdities… abound in this delirious historical fantasia, which can be said to be many things: funny, ghastly, eye-opening, marvelous and frequently confounding.” — Wall Street Journal


“Hanging Falls” by Margaret Mizushima — “Winning heroine…A realistic view of how a K-9 team works, treating Robo as an important character, but never stooping to anthropomorphism.” —Publishers Weekly starred review

“Striking Range” by Margaret Mizushima — “The way Mattie handles her service dog, the logistics of his training, his canine personality, the important evidence he believably uncovers, and their warm yet disciplined interaction remain the heart of the stories and give them their authenticity and appeal.” —New York Journal of Books

“The Hunter” by Tana French — “French’s dialogue is some of the best in the business. … The secretive village is a trope as old as mysteries—as old as humanity itself. But French does more than show the banal evil behind a smiling face. She makes it particular as a kicked dog’s limp and dying embers in a steel barrel—and reminds us that we underestimate such places at our peril.” —The New York Times

“The Three Dahlias” by Katy Watson — “A wonderful celebration of Golden Age crime. . . a read you can sink into, just like the perfect country house weekend. You will definitely love Dahlia in all her guises by the end” — S.J. Bennett, author of The Windsor Knot

“The Unquiet Bones” by Loreth Anne White — “When human remains are found, reopening a decades-old case, a group of friends, highly respected, affluent members of their communities, begins to fracture as homicide detective Jane Munro and forensic anthropologist Dr. Ella Queen get closer to the truth of what happened on an autumn night 47 years ago.” — Baker & Taylor

“Twice the Trouble” by Ash Clifton — “Noland Twice is a charismatic hero in a riveting story with breakneck pacing, unguessable twists, and a heart-stopping ending. Fans of Robert B. Parker and Lee Child will love him.”
Booklist, starred review


“I Survived the California Wildfires, 2018” by Lauren Tarshis –” Traces the story of a boy who moves across the country to rural northern California, where his efforts to adjust are challenged by a fast-moving firestorm that places family homes and lives at risk.” — Baker & Taylor

“Monsters at Halloween” by Zanna Davidson — “It’s Halloween and Billy can’t wait for the village Halloween Party. There’s just one problem… his Mini Monsters are at the party too! Sparkle-Bogey’s in the apple bobbing, Trumpet’s in a pumpkin and Gloop’s playing ‘Guess the Body Part’. Can Billy find his monsters before anyone else does? Or will it be up to Peep to save the day?” —


“Heartstopper: Volume 5” by Alice Oseman — “With all the blushing and awkward glances, it’s difficult not to be charmed… The romance and realistic fiction will draw readers into this sweet story.” — Booklist